Help: Slate Results

There are five sections on the results screen; "Data Summary", "Data Analysis", "Sharing", "Data List", and "Actions".

Data Summary

This section shows a list of all of the variables, along with their average value, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation. Tap on any variable to see graphs representing the data for the variable. This includes a histogram, showing the relative number of values that fall within one of ten divisions of the maximum (e.g. 1-9, 10-19, etc.). Below that, and using the same horizontal value scale, is a standard box plot, showing the median, first and third quartiles, whiskers, two types of outliers (if any), etc. Below that is a graph of averages versus time-of-day, so you can see if the data correlates with the hour of the day (0-23). At the bottom is a graph showing averages versus day of the week.

Data Analysis

Display Full Report shows a summary of the results. There are four sections: "Statistics", "Correlations", "Calendar", and "Raw Data". The report can be emailed without leaving the app. You can also upload the report to your private page on the LifeLog website; see the "Sharing" section below.

Display Detailed Graph shows all of the data on a line chart using value vs time (automatically scaled to hours or days). Each variable is assigned a different color, as shown in the legend window. You can tap on a variable name in the legend window to toggle that graph on and off. Tap the "Legend" button to move or hide the legend window. Tap the zoom button to make the graph larger and enable scrolling. Tap "Send" to send a large (640x480) image via email, or to save an image to your pictures folder. Note: You will not be able to see the graph numbers along the edges on the iPhone, only on your computer or in a printout.

Display Correlation Results displays a table of correlation values for every combination of pairs of variables. This table is used to determine statistically if one variable affects the other. (This is the same information shown in the full report).

Display Simple Graph shows all of the data on a line chart using value vs time. Each variable is assigned a different color. You can zoom and scroll the graph, as well as save a snapshot image to your pictures folder. (This function is superseded by the detailed graph).


Upload report to LifeLog website transfers the report to your own private page on the LifeLog website. You will need to enter your passkey to view the page (see the next item). You must be connected to the internet for this to succeed. Note that privacy cannot be assured, so do not upload any information you want to keep secure.

Sharing passkey and options displays your private 16 character passkey. It also allows you to email the passkey and the web address to yourself or anyone else for convenience.

Email spreadsheet data allows you to email the raw data values to yourself or anyone else. The data is in "tab-delimited" format, suitable for importing into a spreadsheet. Depending on the spreadsheet software, you may be able to copy-and-paste from the email, or save the data as a text file and import that file.

Data List

This section simply lists every data point, including the optional comments. To delete a data point, swipe your finger to the left, then tap "delete".


Delete All Data clears all data results for the current slate. This operation cannot be undone, and normally does not need to ever be done. You will need to confirm this operation twice.

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