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LifeLog allows you to easily keep track of any data, and analyze the results. It is designed primarily to help you determine what in your lifestyle is affecting your symptoms, whether for good or ill. Is your headache worse or better when you are under stress? (Many are better!) Is your weight affected by how much you sleep? Does your shoe color affect your mood? How effective is your therapy? You can select to measure anything, using any scales (e.g. 0 through 10, or 0 through 500), with up to 16 values per set. Whether the issue is insomnia, pain, or something psychological, LifeLog can help determine what factors may be contributing, and what factors are probably unrelated.

LifeLog is designed to be very easy to use on an hourly or daily basis, and yet provide sophisticated data analysis and reporting tools right on your iPhone or Touch. Entering data takes just a few taps. A few more taps will result in graphs, charts, and an HTML report you can email to your home computer, or to anyone else. You can also upload a report to a private page on the LifeLog website, accessible via a passkey.

LifeLog is fully customizable. You can utilize a variety of templates to organize your slate of symptoms to track, and then customize it, even after you have started tracking data. You can have multiple slates active at once, for multiple problems and/or multiple users. Each slate can track up to 16 conditions. You can specify the range of accepted values for each question, from as little as two (yes/no) to 500. Plus, each slate can optionally be password protected.

LifeLog is flexible. It can be used to collect data for any purpose, whether it's personal conditions, scientific experiments, engineering tests, or for collecting any data where cause-and-effect may not be obvious. The questions and the prompts are completely customizable. The raw data can be exported and emailed for processing and display on your computer.

LifeLog is not designed to replace the advice of your doctor, nor should it be relied on for a diagnosis. However, your doctor may find the collected information useful.


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Please email if you need personal assistance. Otherwise, visit the LifeLog community forum at to post a public message.

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